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Kiki D'aire

Welcome to Talent Health Labs (THL)!

I’m Kiki D'Aire, a veteren industry professional and co-founder óf THL. After 20 years in the business, I’ve become passionate about performer health and easy-access to quality testing. We developed Talent Health Labs to offer accessible and superior nationwide testing services and care: by industry for industry.

  • You can choose from over 2,000 diagnostics labs nationwide.
  • No Draw Fees. No Shipping Fees. Ever.
  • Physician oversight included.
  • Results typically reported next business day
  • Physicians and Industry Experts are on call to answer your questions, and for telemedicine and e-prescribing when needed.

Choose Talent Health Labs to:

  • Purchase your regular lab testing online --or have it paid for by your Agent, Producer, a fan - or earn free testing by helping others.
  • Publish your eligibility, your photos, and contact both privately and publicly.
  • Request to join a specific agency or Producers’ list of eligible performers.
  • Connect with Kiki, your THL mentor, and other Performers to build your network.


Talent Health Labs now offers testing nationwide.


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